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Our Program

Bring People with Disability Together Creating Opportunities

  • Invaluable training in the areas of
  • Social media
  • Video production & editing
  • Marketing
  • Accessible media
  • Podcasting & digital creations

Our Flagship Program “Digital Ventures”

Connects people with disabilities to employment opportunities

Digital Ventures Helps

  • Those with disabilities and gaps in employment to upgrade their digital media skills.
  • Becoming more competitive in a more complex and rapidly changing digital media job space.
  • Adapting to an ever-changing job market that requires technological knowledge in various areas.

Bringing Highly Skilled Facilitators

  • To learners with various learning needs
  • Mentor individuals looking to update their technological skills.
  • Connecting learners with new media trends and skills which will contribute to their employment.

The Digital Ventures Advantages

  • Bringing learners and employment together.
  • Improving digital media skills overall.
  • Allowing participants of the digital ventures program to learn and work at the same time during their 14- week program.

Graduates of the Digital Ventures Program Go On To

  • Have greater knowledge of digital media and its involvement in today’s nuanced workforce
  • Become more technologically capable for the current job market
  • Seek additional education in the areas which they are most passionate in
  • Collect valuable work and internship experiences
  • Go on to find meaningful employment

Our TDC Media Hub at Artscape Wychwood Barns Offers

  • Digital media consultation and production for your events
  • Podcast recording studio and equipment
  • Live streaming to Facebook/YouTube
  • Custom graphics
  • One page informational website
  • Social media

All provided my our graduates from digital ventures

By Choosing the Disability Channel

  • You pledge to working with the brighting minds who have had barrier to employment
  • You assist in creating meaningful employment opportunities to persons with disabilities
  • You contribute to a new generation of media artists and trades people
  • You join our vibrant community
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