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Discover Ability Campus Lead For Employers

The Opportunity

Are you a natural leader? Would you like to practice and improve your leadership skills and marketing skills? Would you like to grow your network? Would you like to lead a project for an organization that is connected to 60,000 business across Ontario? Would you like to collaborate with the staff of the Ontario Chamber Of Commerce and become our partner? Would you like the Ontario Chamber Of Commerce to give you professional references based on your accomplishments on the project?

If your answer is “yes” to the questions above, then the Ontario Chamber Of Commerce has a great opportunity for you. We run a project funded by the Government Of Ontario that connects students who self-identify as persons with a disability to a job platform that leverages diversity. Employers are reaching out to underrepresented demographics to help bridge the talent gap.

Become a Discover Ability Network campus lead. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is an advocacy organization connected to 60,000 business in Ontario and advocates on their behalf at Queen’s Park to create government policy that is in the interest of the business community in Ontario. Through our advocacy, we know that businesses face challenges finding talent and need help in navigating the labor market. Businesses have realized that it’s a smart business philosophy to hire from all demographics and have asked the Ontario Chamber Of Commerce for help with finding skilled labor from underrepresented demographics, which includes persons with disabilities. We need your help with promoting the Discover Ability Network to students who self-identify as person with disabilities. The project helps students with disabilities get hired by matching them to opportunities suited to their skillsets and interest. There are 15,000 business on the Discover Ability Network, ready to hire students who have a disability – So help us make the connection!

Project Description/Duties:

  • Present the Discover Ability Project to students who self-identify as having a disability and help them create profiles on the system (or connect them with the Chamber staff). Communicate progress to OCC staff.
  • Collaborate with the Ontario Chamber Of Commerce to get familiarized with the project objectives and remain in regular communication with the Chamber staff, provide feedback, propose improvements.

Qualifications/Desirable Traits:

  • Must be currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution in Ontario (a college or a university).
  • Must be result driven
  • Must be a good communicator
  • Must have high integrity
  • Must be computer savvy, able to learn how to use websites and platforms quickly and willing to engage, teach and persuade fellow students to use the platform.