Web Accessibility Certification

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Are you Looking for Skilled Media Assistance

Employ a graduate of the Intro to Accessible Content Production program today!


Graduates are Trained in Accessible Media Production

Our graduates can assist in creating accessible social media, YouTube, podcasts and documentation for your business.

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Receive a Wage Subsidy

By employing one of our graduates you will receive a wage subsidy to cover the costs of their employment for the first 2 weeks and may qualify for a subsequent subsidy through CCRW.

Disability Community

Contribute Positively to the Disability Community in your Region

By employing a graduate you will be contributing to the disability movement in Ontario. Our unique program was funded in part by the Ontario and Canadian Government and is in partnership with Mohawk College!

Bringing People Together Creating Opportunities

Bring People with disability together creating opportunities

About Us

Owlware Limited is a recognized service and training provider for Workplace Safety Insurance Board the Ontario Disability Support Program under Ministry of Children and Family Services and Toronto Social Services.

We have also been creating innovative job development programs in Partnership with Employment Ontario through the Job Creation Program and with the Ministry of Health and Safety.

We have the expertise in creating innovative training programs that meet the needs of both the employer and demands of the industry.

Statistics shows us that today’s employers request that prospective employees have the necessary certifications to be considered for employment.

As a result, we have developed a unique program that provides skills upgrading, practical work experience and digital accessibility industry within the Customer Service Industry through our partnership / association with Mohawk College located in Hamilton, Ontario. Our course has been registered under exception status with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities under the PCCA, 2005.