Certified Client Care Representative- Internship Program

Program Overview

Overview of Curriculum

The training program is taught by industry specialists and will consist of workshops, on-site simulated training combined with practical customer service applications within a functional inbound call center environment.  Completion of this program will enable students to write the International Customer Service Association Exam (ICSA).

The ICSA Essentials exam validates that the student has the required customer service proficiency and skills needed by any customer service technician regardless of call center environment.  Our program provides the requisite hands-on applications experience, customer / technical support skills; keyboarding using multiple screens, effective communication techniques, conflict resolution workshops and preparation for completing the industry recognized customer service designation.

Once candidates successfully complete the certificate program and achieve the ICSA certification, they will be provided with pre-employment workshops and obtain assistance with their job search and placement.

Program Outline

  1. Customer service essentials & workplace dynamics overview.
  2. Communication and Professionalism - Skills and Tactics
  3. Mastering language skills through interaction
  4. Keyboarding and basic computer skills,
  5. Work Metric systems and multitasking
  6. VOIP Technology and Internet applications- simulated and “live” training sessions. Actual implementation of various inbound/outbound client services.
  7. Conflict / Resolution handling objections
  8. Multi-tasking on workstations using MS Office applications and other customer service related software programs and templates
  9. Online preparation courseware for certification examination.
  10. Life skills seminar for the workplace and strategies to manage your career and personal life-challenges.

About Us

Owlware Limited is a recognized service and training provider for Workplace Safety Insurance Board the Ontario Disability Support Program under Ministry of Children and Family Services and Toronto Social Services.

We have also been creating innovative job development programs in Partnership with Employment Ontario through the Job Creation Program and with the Ministry of Health and Safety. 

We have the expertise in creating innovative training programs that meet the needs of both the employer and demands of the industry. 

Statistics shows us that today’s employers request that prospective employees have the necessary certifications to be considered for employment. 

As a result, we have developed a unique program that provides skills upgrading, practical work experience and recognized certification within the Customer Service Industry through our association with the International Customer Service Association  (ICSA). Our course has been registered under exception status with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities under the PCCA, 2005.

How can we assist you?

Online Abilities is looking for suitable potential employers for graduates of the Certified Customer Care Program — professional customer service organizations such as yourselves!

Our goal is to train and successfully place our graduates with employers able to offer quality, employment internships or work placements.

The benefits to the employers who work with us include:

  • No upfront placement fees or hidden costs
  • Carefully screened and matched candidates
  • Industry recognized certification
  • Customized training to facilitate your organizations customer service needs
  • Experienced and industry trained candidates
  • In-house training facility with certified facilitators
  • Professional motivated candidates
  • Government subsidies and incentives to those who qualify
  • Supportive service and provisions provided to ensure retention
  • Endorsement from the International Customer Service Association- Toronto Chapter.

For program placement or further information contact:

Frank Sroka, Manager of Programs and Services (416) 391- 2441  Extension: 2015