About OWLware Ltd.

Company Profile

At Owlware we believe that the most important asset in any organization is the unique skills of its employees and the ability to adapt to change.

employee working at laptop computer This need has been more evident in today's knowledge-driven economy.

Constant technological advancements coupled with global competition demand that training and skills development become a priority for any organization.

The solution was in creating customized web-based courses for the corporate and private sectors, resulting in both a flexible and competent training alternative. Hence, we have become an active service provider for Ontario Disability Support Program and WSIB.

We believe that there should be no barriers to learning and strive to ensure that the e-learning (online training) advantage is accessible to all

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to develop innovative training solutions to ensure a successful transition into the work place.

Since its inception, Owlware has been an innovative company that recognized the need for an effective approach to enhance individual productivity and organizational training requirements.

multiple employees working at desktop computers

• We provide professional course development and support in web-based training, on-line distance education, synchronous (virtual) training and skills upgrading.

• We educate and provide best practices in the most current emerging e-learning technolologies.

• We assist in promoting and maintaining professional accreditation within various associations through the use of e-learning methods.